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Catalytic Converter with Flange

SCR Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Muffler for Commercial Vehicle

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The new machine supporting products: passenger cars (gasoline, diesel, gas), commercial heavy truck, light truck engine (diesel SCR, gas DOC), engineering machinery, ships, agricultural machinery engine.

After the car service market products: three catalytic converter repair agent, three catalytic converter, renewable black smoke catalytic converter.

Industrial products: generator (diesel, gas), industrial kiln, waste incineration (dioxin) emissions of catalytic purification processor.

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Our mission is offer quality technological soluctions to our customers related to the exhaust gas
emission by means of ongoing improvement of our products, of our physical resources, and of our team.

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Focus on the engine after-treatment catalyst and catalytic converter research and development, production ,sales , acquired 33 patents , have build up a research and development base , attend the national key Torch Program projects and national “863” project .

We’re always looking for exceptional individuals who share our commitment to bringing positive transformation to the world around us.

If you’re ready to use your knowledge, talent, and ideas to make an impact, we’re ready to meet you.

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