Holiday Breaks, Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day

Mid-Autumn Festival arriving in China along with National Day, so we take 8 days break: from Oct 1st to 8th. Wish all my friends have great holiday time!

Why Mid Autumn Day so important for us? And what is a Moon Cake?

Company gave each staff a big Moon cake as holiday gifts.

And even the Panda can’t wait any longer!

Holiday here we come!

GXLJ become the 9th Batch of Guangxi Engineering Technology Research Center

In accordance with the “Guangxi Engineering Technology Research Center Management regulation”, Guangxi Science and Technology Department organized experts in Nov, 2013 to carry out the inspection to our Engineering technical research center. The center accomplish the task of“Guangxi Engineering Technology Research center set up construction assignment”, meeting the acceptance criteria. After the government audit and publicity,  GXLJ was awarded as Guangxi Engineering technology research center.

Our CEO Together with Other Leaders Participated in Poverty Alleviation

Our group is committed to anti-poverty project and our CEO together with management staff come to Xiatang village, Nankang town to relief of the poor .

With the assistant of Xiatang town village committee, we knew that there are 97 family in poor, especially Xiatang village poverty index is serious, some of the solitary elders in rural areas, their lives are insecure. After visiting to this village on 12th Nov, 2016, our CEO led to donate RMB 3000 to help the poor.


The Professor Lee Zhulin And Dr. Lee Dan Visited Our Company

The professor Lee Zhulin and Dr. Lee Dan visited our company and offered us valuable instruction on 29th Oct, 2016.

Professor Lee is an authority in the domestic automobile, marine auto research and new energy development, has repeatedly served as the country’s major scientific research project leader, and the research results had great effect in environmental protection, energy saving and other application.

Dr. Lee is an expert in methanol hydrogen fuel (lithium) battery research and application. He has been engaged in clean fuel for vehicle research and development area for many years. Even though Dr. Lee is more than 80, he is energetic, he gave valuable instruction both in knowledge and mentally aspect.

Warm Welcome Hezhou SASAC to Visit Our Company

Hezhou SASAC team visited our company on 15th Oct, 2016, the CEO Liu Guangwen conducted as personally to introduce our company culture and products, and accompanied the team to visit our office and workshop. The SASAC team talked with our CEO in a pleasure atmosphere, and would like to build a business cooperation with us.