DPF Filters -How to Cure Your Sick Car For Cost-Effective Way!

Starting with 2007 model years in European, diesel trucks are “blessed” with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). DPFs grab soot from your exhaust before it blows out into the environment.

As the exhaust gases pass through the filter, it captures somewhere between more than 95% of diesel particulate matter (PM). DPF maintenance is relatively straightforward. Over time, soot builds up in the filter walls and must be cleared out. A warning light usually shows up indicating it is time to literally burn out the accumulated soot. This process of burning is called regeneration. In addition to regeneration, periodic DPF cleaning is required too.

DPF Removal?

Driving without a DPF Filter can be against the law and quite unnecessary. Already, more than 1,000 diesel car owners have been caught removing the filter, though experts believe that the problem is much more prevalent.

These filters easily become clogged, especially when driven by vehicles in the city. Town and city cars will often be driven at low speeds in residential areas without ever getting a motorway run that can often unclog the DPF filter and regenerate it.

Replacements tend to be expensive,at least €3000 , which is why many of the top garages have offered to take them off completely.

How do I make my DPF Filter without spending more and more?

DPF regeneration is the core , GXLJ actively seeks the opportunities to license its technologies. By leveraging GXLJ’s technologies, our company can achieve enhanced competitiveness through lower research and development costs and reduced time to market. Currently these two patented regeneration filter are available for heavy duty vehicle diesel applications and off-road diesel products.

Our Advantage

– Successful filter regeneration by optimized burner system regardless of any running conditions

– Regeneration in idling and low speed operation

– Catalytic regeneration in medium and high speed operation

– Minimized regeneration time by state-of-the-art control logic

– Optimized design to prevent thermal shock and HC slip

– Setup disassemble flanges to replace broken DPF substrate , keep the stainless steel housing shell original

-No need DPF removal maintenance and clean too often ,2-3 time one year ,saving cleaning cost more than 90%


So are you guys your diesel cars now also installing DPF or preparing to purchase original DPF? As known recently, we have batch of DPF filters installed in some users where to start running, the effect has also been tested. Hope that our equipment will solve your immediate needs at the expense of DPF.